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Marriage isn't always bubblegum and lollipops but it's worth it!!!

Online Coaching with Jasmine Davis

Meet Jasmine

Marriage & Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and Podcast Host

I am a wife, and mom to three beautiful people. I have been married to my husband for 17 awesome years. We have been together for 22 years since the age of 14 years old. I have been a marriage coach for 6 years and a Life Coach for 2 years. I struggled for many years in my marriage, lacking the tools needed to produce the fruits of my marriage. I realized that I needed to experience those pitfalls in my marriage to fully walk in my purpose. God has his own way of doing things and I'm so grateful for his guidance in my life.

I became an author in 2017 because I knew that my personal journey could help others. If I could help someone in anyway not feel alone personally or in their marriage, I'm fulfilling my duties in this life. I ensure that my clients feel heard and validated while also giving them further insight into the what and how of how things may occur. Oftentimes when our emotions are attached it can be hard to express ourselves accurately. Helping clients see themselves and or their spouses helps them foster better communication and understanding of the world that surrounds them. 


What I Specialize In



Infidelity Issues

Emotional Disconnect

Parental Disagreements


The Journey Towards a Healthier Marriage Begins Today. You Are Not Alone!!!

"Jasmine provides highly insightful input and actionable "advice", which is really more like training on how to handle the most hot-button moments that every marriage has after 15+ years together. Marriage is hard, but Jasmine is a caring expert and the time we've spent with her already shows clear results."

- The Robinson's 

"Jasmine has been a God send in ways I never imagined possible. First, she helps to identify specific issues to work on, then she provides strategies to use and rediscover strengths. Jasmine helps to improve empathy and problem-solving skills much needed for conflict-resolution. What I found most helpful and different from other providers was her ability to listen, and being heard and seen. She leads with care, candor and empathy. She is highly professional, punctual and added greatly to my life. I never felt rushed during a session which are highly productive"

- Kenneisha Hall

“I had the opportunity to do a few life coaching sessions with Jasmine. Let me say just in those few sessions I realized Jasmine is NOTHING but the TRUTH!! Not only did she inspire me and motivate me, but she helped put things into perspective about my situation. She did it in a way that was gentle but straightforward, pure but honest!! Let me tell you I needed it and it encouraged me to choose me! Literally her advice and guidance helped me think through my situation in ways that I would have never, and allowed me to make some changes on my journey, it has been prosperous thus far! Thank you, I know who to contact when I need a pick me up”

- Lorraine Almanza

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